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Attractions in the city of Naples
 Its beauty, where it is vibrant, comes to it by a large number of people every year, specifically from Rome, Venice, and Florence, and there are many places worth visiting, such as the charming sight in the Bay of Naples, and the White Castle on the small peninsula. Castle Novo is a medieval fortress, located on the beach, a huge fortress, where the city's main museum and contains a lot from the paintings dating back to the 19th century, it is one of the best tourist destinations to be addressed in the city.

The Nasyonale de Capodimonte Museum is a national museum, where there are many paintings of renowned artists, such as Karvagio, Woody Ribera, Giboredano and many others, it also features a beautiful garden surrounded by the museum. The Nasyonale Archaeological Museum is one of the largest Roman architectural museums in the world and contains a lot of wall paintings for homes, sites other excavations in the area, it also contains sound evidence about the collection of representation, as well as spectacular artifacts, such as Roman murals. Originating from Greek mythology, it also contains a characteristic of distinctive artifacts, such as a secret chamber, and many more, and is opened all day of the week except Tuesday, and closes in the holiday period. Castle Kabano is located on the Kabdudimonte Hill, a cemetery de San Genaro, in addition to containing the Catacombs of the Middle Ages, and is one of the most visited tourist sites in Naples. Of the landmarks of Naples The Royal Palace, the island of Capri and Askia

Amalfi Coast
The Amalfi Coast is the beautiful citric overlooking the mountainous coasts of southern Naples. Amalfi is one of the busiest areas and areas of the expensive Italy. There are old walking trails leading on rocky views. The opportunity to walk long distances in the Amalfi Coast to enjoy the scenic and interesting scenery of rocks and mountains.