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City of Love in Italy
 Italian Venice or, as you know, Venice is a city known for its charm and magnificence, so describe it as a city of Love or a floating city, the Bride of Italy, and it is one of the most famous tourist spots in Italy, where many tourists from different parts of the Earth visit it to enjoy its picturesque charm and its views, which are not absent from Mind, where the city includes historic buildings dating back to the Renaissance, famous for its water channels, it is the boats, the most popular means of transport, and Venice consists of several 116 islands with 416 bridges.
Naming City of Love

 The city of Venice is called the City of Love or the city of Love, and the naming is due to the most famous love stories in history the story of Romeo and Juliet, the events of the novel occurred in this city, the Palace of Romeo and Juliet is one of the city's most famous attractions, and visitors to this city are a source of love and adoration, as There are many water channels in it that are crossed by the gondola, which is a romantic tradition in the city.

The gondola in the City of Love
 The Venetian name of the gondola is called the gondola used for movement, through the water canals scattered in the city, the means of the well-known movement of cars, buses and trains, boring making the city less prone to air pollution, engineering and architectural design of water channels The surrounding buildings made them very small, so the gondola became one of the most famous means of mobility, and the gondola is a classic boat with a length of 11 m, a black plated and composed of different types of wood, led by a sailor dressed in a striped costume and a special hat, prepares lovers and fascinated visitors The beauty of the city of its most riders.
Attractions in the City of Love Murano Island: One of the most famous islands in the city, known for its artistic glass industry. 

Old groans bridge, and the Rialto Bridge of its most famous bridges. The palaces: The city has a number of beautiful palaces, the most famous of which is the Galassi Palace, where many international art exhibitions are held, and the exhibition Venice Cinema, which is held annually from the world-renowned exhibitions, and the Dukali Palace built in the 14th century by the model-style quite Architectural. St. Marco Church: The church holds Oriental character, featuring its five domes and
The bell tower, which rises 98 m, giving visitors a comprehensive view of the city, includes many clubs, casinos and cafes, and includes the Church of St. Patro. Canal Grande: Composed of many canals surrounded by buildings and picturesque palaces